Welcome to your new revenue stream.

Advertising Agencies

Use it as a campaign tool.

Use Postalocity to create new revenue streams, and introduce new services. Postalocity brings a special benefit to advertising agencies, however. A-B testing of mailing campaigns requires testing of mailings in relatively small volumes and Postalocity loves small volumes, and so turns A-B testing into easy drag-and-drop efforts, no matter how small the test jobs.

Networks & Associations

Bring new revenues streams, a new degree of professionalism, and new efficiencies to business networks and associations.

• This brings regular income into the group, without charging dues.
• Great fundraiser for your group, helping raise money year round.

Print & Mail Shops

Mail and print shops have enormous flexibility in the way they do business and opens the door to a deeper service mix.

Resell Postalocity to your clients. Mail and print shops can resell our user interface as-is for commissions, white-label it as their own, or build a competing interface with our API infrastructure.

Become a Reseller

Businesses and brokers involved in various business networks can be approved as resellers, as can advertising agencies and mail and print shops.

  • Direct Sales

    Utilize Postalocity as is and show the portal to members of your network, business, or agency quicker. There is zero development time if you choose this path.

  • White-Label to Your Company

    White-label Postalocity with your brand. Your users interact with Postalocity directly with their own accounts and commissions flow to your account. You create and distribute promo codes from your account. There is a modest development effort with this approach.

  • Integrate into Your Software Application

    Your Application. Manage your users’ jobs and profiles for them and not associate it to our website. You pay us our normal rates, but bill your users your­self at your own rates. With this approach you have complete brand, pricing and account control. A bit more work, but you can earn more for your efforts.

Steps to Becoming a Reseller

  1. Create a Postalocity account, if you haven’t already, and sign in.
  2. Complete the reseller application HERE, but also located in the Affiliate Program tab on the Account Settings page.
  3. We review your application and if agreed upon, both parties sign the agreement.
  4. You can begin collecting commissions. There is zero development time if you choose this path.