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Whether your business is big or small, this tool will expedite your mail process! Think invoices, statements, collection letters, correspondence, marketing mail.

NO MORE paper, envelopes, stamps, postage meters, scales, staff and space!


Software Developers

Use Postalocity’s API to introduce USPS real-mail functionality into your software menus. You can even create a direct-competition outsourcing service by building your own user interface and enjoy found money.


Banks & Credit Unions

Send all your invoices, statements, and communications without messing with the postage machine! Simply drag and drop your pdfs into our system and we’ll take care of the rest so you can take care of your customers.



Payroll Accountants, Tax Accountants, CPA’s and all other kinds of accountants can utilize Postalocity to send their payroll, insurance information, tax mail, and other important communications securely with our compliant system. Documentation of what has been mailed and the dates are available for all your record keeping audits.

Postalocity is the perfect balance of old school experience and new age technology.

Postalocity makes sending letters, direct mail and invoices easy and affordable. Say goodbye to your mailroom and embrace the future of mailing. When your mail is efficient, the rest of your business is too!

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