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No setup fees
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Pay per use
Print on demand
(black or full color)
No lead time
(even new customers are production-ready in minutes)

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    Goodbye, mailroom.

    Postalocity is the easiest way to send real, physical mail. You won’t need in-house letter-mailing capabilities like printing, folding, sealing or postage meters. Postalocity replaces the mailroom with the keyboard, making traditional mailroom costs for facilities, equipment and software, paper storage and labor obsolete.

    With Postalocity, effort is reduced to drag and drop and you get the benefit of an all-in price. You just need to click. We’ve got the rest.

    We’re flexible.

    Marketing Mail, Non-Profit rates, bifold and trifold self-mailers, postcards, legal and mixed media are all supported. Our free-style document design philosophy means you do not have to fit templates. And you have free artistic license to put images and messages on an unlimited gallery of your custom envelopes.

    Postalocity processes are managed and tracked on a big-screen, digital stage in our state-of-the-art, tech-enriched environment. You monitor job status all the way to handoff to USPS. Typical time spent mailing any job is 22 seconds or less, with just 14 seconds spent in simple verification.

    No matter the size of your stack or your business, Postalocity makes sending letters, direct mail, even invoices easy and affordable. We’ll give you plenty of reasons to try us today!