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Certified Mail Stamp

Certified Mail provides you, the sender, with a receipt and electronic verification that the document you mailed was delivered or a delivery attempt was made. You can also request that a signature is required by the recipient upon delivery.

There are many instances, be it business or personal, one would require or desire a way to prove the date a document was given to the USPS for mailing. You might also want to track the location of your document and Certified Mail automatically comes with a tracking number. Other trackable solutions are typically an extra charge and can be quite costly.

A lot of the clients that use Postalocity to send Certified Mail are legal or financial institutions as well as property management companies. When asked how Postalocity has improved their process for their Certified Mailing needs, I learned that sending Certified letters might be the most hated of all processes. You have drive to the Post Office, GO INSIDE the Post Office (who has time for that? Also, ew Covid.) and fill out HANDWRITTEN FORMS (it’s exhausting just thinking about it.) The biggest problem? It’s a necessary evil in a lot of organizations like I previously mentioned and for many others. There might be other provable methods of mailing the USPS or other delivery services provide, but they just won’t hold up as strongly in court as well as Certified Mail does.

With Postalocity, sending Certified Mail online is incredibly easy and it’s inexpensive. We don’t require monthly minimums, there are no hidden fees, and there is zero obligation. Send one or many – it’s all the same to us!

After you upload your PDF and tell us where to mail it, you simply select Certified Mail with or without a signature from the postage options on the job settings page. Process and approve and viola! You’re done!

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  • Joe LaCroce
    June 27, 2021 4:40 pm


    • Nikki Stockham
      June 28, 2021 8:30 am

      Hi Joe! Thanks for the great question! Easy answer: NOPE. No fees, monthly minimums, or obligations. You mail as little or as much as you want through your account, and we’ve got your back regardless.


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