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Tired of feeling like you need to be a mathematician to budget for your mailing expenses?

We’ve made our pricing structure easy to understand and completely transparent. There are no hidden fees, no minimum volumes or deposits, no contracts, no mess, no fuss!

If your mailing needs aren’t applicable in the calculator below, or you’d like to see how cheap our Certified Mailing and Priority Mailing options are, send us a message and our awesome, no-pressure Help Desk crew will happily provide an estimate for your unique needs.

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Postalocity offers incredible price breaks the more you mail!

If you know your approximate yearly volume upfront, call us today to establish your discounted price now instead of waiting a year to reap the rewards!

Minimum Price Based On Yearly Volume*

Less than 5,000
$1.00per piece
5,000 - 7,500
$0.97per piece
7,500 - 10,000
$0.94per piece
10,000 - 20,000
$0.92per piece
20,000 - 40,000
$0.89per piece
40,000 +
Contact for pricing

*single page, single side, monochrome printing, First Class Postage

Postalocity automatically upgrades you to the type of envelope that is ideal for the individual letters you upload.

We’re the mailing experts so you don’t have to be!

How much can you save with Postalocity?


*Total hours X Hourly wage X 12 months X 1.30 (30% benefits cost) + Monthly mailing costs X 12

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