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POSTAL HOLIDAYS Hey there, Friend! Check out the updated schedule for 2024! We closely model our holiday schedule to be the…
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Upcoming Postage Increase

Important News: Upcoming Postage Increase Is it just me, or do communications about price increases translate to a bunch of…
United States Postal Service Vehicles

ICYMI: Postal Reform Act

ICYMI: Postal Reform Act ICYMI: Postal Reform Act. President Joe Biden signed a new law that allows the United States…

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Reasons that will convince you to ditch postage meters

Reasons that will convince you to Ditch Postage MetersCheck out this blog from Broadstroke, Inc.

Ever find yourself staring at your postage meter in frustration, thinking, “There’s got to be a better way?” At last, there is! The demand for accurate, efficient, and fast mailing services remains essential for businesses of all sizes. So how can your business meet this need without emptying your pockets?  

Published December 13th, 2023