Brief Knowledge Share: Postalocity normally works with layered PDFs, so that it can read the addresses. Whenever you “save as PDF” from your source program, it is going to be layered. Normally this is something you don’t need to worry about, or even know about. You might find the option to “print to image”, and that can avoid the scanning back in of a printed piece. That will make a JPG or similar image file, which you’ll then need to convert back into a PDF.

Forms that you fill out digitally, like a tax form, for example, are layered, but what you type in is not part of the original .pdf. It’s saved as metadata. Postalocity will not be able to properly handle these types of .pdfs. Things will get misinterpreted and won’t print correctly. If you try, you will see the problems when you proofread during the approval process.

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