Postalocity is a hero story about a company that got so smart about mail and the stuff mail’s made of that it began to innovate. It all started with why, why not and what’s stopping us.

Why should companies pour tens of thousands of dollars into mailroom operations when they could redirect people, space and profits to growth?

Why not be a better, collegial partner to USPS so it can struggle less with the inaccuracies and inefficiencies of poorly prepared mailings?

What’s stopping us from harnessing society’s digital IQ to mail from keyboards and digital devices?

Why not figure out a way to create a personal mailing portal for every citizen in the world, and provide professional document outsourcing even for small volumes and the smallest of clients?

Why not save people and businesses hundreds and thousands of dollars in postage?

What’s stopping us from giving every operation that prints or handles mail the opportunity to make money along with us?

Postalocity happened on the backs of giants in the mail industry who love mail and believed there could be an easier way to send it. Our automated, cloud-based system can be pretty easily summed up this way:

You can mail a single letter or many thousands of pieces 24/7/365 from your keyboard.

Mail from your computer Postalocity

We give you lots of options and settings to handle even highly complex documents without any requirement to fit templates, and lots of templates if you want help creating jazzy envelopes.

Mailing software by Postalocity

Your mail, whether one piece or many, is commingled in production with lots and lots of other mail with absolute accuracy in a multi-million dollar automated system.

The secret sauce of Postalocity is volume. You enjoy radical cost savings through digital commingling of all client jobs prior to print. Cost savings of 40-70% over in-house efforts are typical.

Oh, by the way, did we tell you we’re one of the only platforms in the world that seamlessly combines and automates a superabundance of mail generated by multiple businesses, organizations and individuals alike and applies the cost savings to everyone?