Less Waiting.
Less Wasting.

Forget the mailbox. Now you can send mail straight from your keyboard or smart device, saving you time and money.

One letter? Ten thousand? No problem.


It’s fast. It’s efficient. It’s ready to deliver at the touch of a button, bringing high-volume efficiencies to low-volume mailers.

We do this first by seamlessly combining and automating the superabundance of mail generated by multiple businesses, organizations and individuals alike. Then we apply the cost savings to EVERYONE.

The result is the ability to send any amount of mail around the world quickly, accurately and efficiently, right from your device.

Start Smailing

The Past that
Paved the Future

Since 1985, Postal Presort provided consult-to-delivery expertise and resources to meet the print and digital document needs of more than 600 businesses worldwide.

A descendent of Postal Presort, Postalocity extends the conveniences and efficiencies enjoyed by those who send large volumes of mail to those who send smaller volumes of mail.

The fact is, we love small volumes, especially if that means fewer headaches for you.

With Postalocity, low-volume mailers can enjoy the advantages of these systems, without the added costs and overhead.

I was able to customize the envelope, allowing me to adjust the branding from one business to another.

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